Amazon Dash – the Quickest Way to Spend Your Cash

Household essentials are now literally available at the push of a button, thanks to the arrival of the Amazon Dash Button, an innovative new method of reordering household items promoted as simple, smart, and free after the first press. Currently priced at £4.99, Amazon effectively gives the button away after applying a £4.99 discount to your first order. A wide range of everyday products are represented by this new piece of marketing, with brands on-board ranging from personal care specialists Gillette and Kleenex to pet food giants Whiskas and Pedigree.

The King of Co-branding

Co-branding is a practice long used by businesses to build brand equity, and if executed correctly, can catapult sales for both parties. Slapping the Batman logo on a product may seem like the easy option for marketers, but results can also be disastrous, as evidenced by McDonald’s cold response to the ‘McWhopper’, a recent social media proposal put forward by rival firm Burger King. Inevitably an element of risk always exists when co-branding, but the key to reducing such risk is to connect brands that are complimentary, not competing. Toy construction specialists Lego therefore provide the perfect blueprint of how two compatible brands can exist side by side and successfully grow together.